Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/21/2012 - 18:35.

I'm 14 i turn 15 in June. My boyfriend is 18 and turns 19 in August.. I love my boyfriend. Me and him have already had sex and we are dating and have been for a while. I got in trouble and the police got involved and my sister was talking to the cop about my 18 year old boyfriend (she hates me so so so much) I don't want him to get in trouble.. im scared.. i think about it everyday.. I love him more than anything and i could never live with my self if i got him in trouble and sent him to jail.. But i also love him soo much it'd be soo hard to break up with him over this.. But i will if i have too... ))': I don't know what to do tho.. i need someone to tell me what could happen to him.. What would happen if the cops got involved..? Someone please answer sooon! I've thought about this every single night since me and him got together. I live in Milwaukie Oregon if that would make a difference. .


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