Changes to Age of consent 12 to 16 in Philippines meets with resistance

Many people may be shocked to learn that in the Philippines, a 12 year old can legally consent to sex. It is illegal if it is proven that the sex was for money or gain as a result of coercion by an adult when the child is under 18.

There is a house bill before the Philippine Congress titled HB 683 “An Act Modifying the Definition of the Crime of Rape involving Minor Children. This bill would change the statutory age of consent in the Philippines to 16 with stipulations as to the age of the perpetrator and the marital status.

The Philippines, like many other nations, grapple with teen pregnancy and STD issues and the enormous impact it has on communities and families. With little to no sex education in schools, many pre-adolescent and teen children simply have no clue what they are doing.

Unfortunately, it goes far beyond issues of pregnancy, and moves into the issues of child protection from exploitation and harm. It should be said that nations with laws that reflect statutory consent at such young ages, open themselves up to attracting the perverts and pedophiles from all over the world.

Apparently, there is some opposition to this Bill within the Philippines Congress. You will find more on this topic at in Kat’s Eye news articles by Katrina Legarda

Many countries have adapted the age of 16 or higher as the statutory age of consent for sexual relations. For international information on these issues and a look at “age of consent” limits in other nations around the world, visit

US Department of Justice released the "Protect Act of 2003". The bill strengthens laws punishing offenders who travel abroad to prey on children (“sex tourism”). It also strengthens laws in other areas such as internet child pornography. See US Department of Justice Fact sheet for more information.