Rape / Age of consent in Mississippi


My son is 18. His girlfriend is 16. She is 2 months pregnant. Her grandparents have legal guradianship of her. My questions are:
1. Can my son get in trouble for rape
2. Can she get emancipated and if so, do her grandparents sign for her or does her mother have to do it?

The age of consent is 16. Your son could get into trouble if he was having sexual relations with her prior to her turning 16.

Emancipation is not available in every state in the US. In Mississippi it appears to be available only on a limited basis. The best source of information on this subject will be your local court clerk.

Generally speaking, a teen must demonstrate to a court that they are fully equipped to support themselves and do not need any assistance from their parents or other adults. They must also convince a judge that they are mentally prepared to be held accountable to adult standards under the law for their behavior.

Parental consent is required for marriage in Mississippi if under 21 years of age. If parents or guardians do not give consent at time the marriage application is filed, the court will notify the parents via certified mail. The marriage "application" will be held for three (3) days.