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I am a 26 y/o male that was like a older brother to a now 16 y/o female. Our families had a falling out and we havent talked for a couple months. She is being vendictive and recently made up a story saying that we use to make out and tried to have sex. She's saying it happened when she was 13. Nothing happened between her and I and really none of us have any evidence to prove anything, just her word against mine. What kinda trouble could I be looking at? And what steps should I take (get a lawyer, contact DA)?

Thanks in advance for any info

It would be in your best interest to seek advice from a private attorney who specializes in criminal law. The DA will not be looking out for your best interests in a situation like this. If a report is filed against you, speaking to the DA without first being advised by an attorney or without an attorney present may work against you, especially if they are investigating you.

If a report is filed and the allegations are proved false, she can be charged with filing a false police report which is a serious offense. False police reports are generally look upon very seriously by judges. It could also opens the door to a civil suit if damages are suffered as a result of the false police report (i.e. job loss, wages lost, jail time, etc...) Ultimately, her parents may be held responsible given that she is a minor.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 06/04/2012 - 16:01.

My brother was accused of rape by the mother of his son. They have been in relationship for several years which turned sour due to her jealousy,possesive and wanting to control his every move. He couldn't spend time with friends or family when she is around. He goes crazy when he gives attention to anyone other then her.

The relationship has been nothing but drama for the last couple of years. She picks at him for everything, verbally assaults him in everyway and starts constant fights then calls the police to get him locked up. He keeps going back to her because he wants to be a father and wants to be in his son's life but she makes it hell for him. She uses him to watch their son while she runs the streets chasing other men sleeping around.

She sends him text messages and always uses the child to reel him back. When she knows he is tired of her nonsense she tries to trap him by sending a text saying she loves him or his son wants to see him or be around him. She uses him all the time to watch their son and if my brother has things to do she starts trouble yelling, cursing him and threatning him with police making his life hell.

Recently he went back to her and they engaged in a sex. She sent him text messages with her lingerie on and other stuff to get him to come over to her house. He fell into her trap and went there. After they had sex as they have done in the past and as he explained they had been doing so often even though being broken up, as he explained they laid in bed an hour talking about getting back together for their son and they were going to try to work on things so their son would have both parents. She agreed and was fine and never complained about the sex. Did they did it like always. The next day when he ask her to go home with him she changes her mind and decides to call the police on him claiming he raped her when a family member showed up at her house.

She had been bad mouthing him to her family calling him the worse father alive when in fact he was the primary one taking good of their son since he has been born and he is now two. She dumps the child on him, goes out drinking with her friends then comes around starting touble with him, yelling, cursing at him and always demanding her child back. He tries to avoid arguments but she shows up the house starts problems and then calls the police. The police they never ask what her deal is. They automatically lock him up.

He is currently in jail because of her rape claim and she doesn't care if he gets locked up for a long time due to her bull. She uses the legal system to her advantage because whenever they get into an argument she calls the police on him and they automatically lock him up no questions asked. She gone way too far claiming rape and now he is in a big mess. He has legal council but in the meantime sits in jail until he can prove his innocence and the poor child is being raised by her and God knows living in what type of condition as my brother was his caregiver.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/08/2012 - 06:49.

My brother (26) married was accused of raping 18 year old girl it was year 2011, we comply with the complain and file counter affidavit for false accusation against him, it was consensual sex and after doing more or less 10 times it bears fruit the girl become pregnant and the mother or the complainant at first asking P3,000.00 to my brother to get ride of the baby by aborting it. My brother did not give the money because he whatever happened to that lady he maybe liable to that crime aside for that he is not sure if he is the father because there are some guys also having consensual sex with her also at that time. Because of that they fabricate stories that she was abducted by my brother using single motorbike and pointing a gun to her while my brother is driving, they pass by to a public area before they reach the place that she said she was raped and fall asleep and when she woke up she was left alone. She dont even have the medical report, they just saying she is pregnant because she was raped by my brother no witness her words against my brother's word only. We request to have DNA to prove that the child was my brother's daughter but they disagreed.
Then my brother received warrant of arrest but because we dont have money to fight and as per advised of some people he hide. But after 4 months he was captured by the police.

I would like to ask if we will pursue the case do we have chances to win because if we will have settlement they are asking Half Million Pesos for that crime he did not do. Is that fair enough to ask that big amount?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 06/27/2010 - 23:07.

SO My brother is in Jail For for rape one and sexual abuse one, he has court tomorrow and he just turned 17 two months ago and the girl he "raped" is 15. I was wondering what the laws for age of consent and when it is illegal to have sex in Oregon. Because i already know that for it to be statutory rape is a three year age difference. and what will the consequences for the girl be if my brother was fount not guilty.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 06/02/2009 - 13:59.

My husband is part owner of a company and I do all their accounting. He had a couple(husband & wife) who worked for him and the husband became very jelous and withdrawln after a demotion. He then began putting pressure on his wife to quit our company and "lose work contracts/bids" on purpose. After lunch one day they never came back and we didn't hear from them for four days. To make a long story short Sexual Harrasment charges were filled by the wife against my husband. Our lawyer found out she had filed three seperate times with the police (with 3 different versions of the same story), yet both the DA & police didn't find reasonable cause for criminal charges. When unemployment came into the picture we went to court and after hearing her side of the case ONLY, her EEOC lawyer decided to dismiss the charges of sexual harrasment due to inconsistancies/contridictions in her testimony. I have undisputable proof I wasn't able to show because we didn't get to defend our side that he couldn't have been in the places doing the things she "accused him of doing." I would like to counter sue to make sure they aren't able to do this to anyone again. I also spent our childrens college funds to pay our legal fees and I would like to recover that. What can I file under civil/criminal for filing false charges, purgery, defimation of character, lost wages, lawyer fees, emotional compensation (fees for baby sitters so I could meet with lawyer and go to court) and anything else that goes along. People like this make it hard for those who really are hurrassed to be heard and not have to relive the nightmare. Women shouldn't be aloud to lie, manipulate a business and the EEOC for money and not have punishment. What can I do to recover monies lost and make sure she doesn't do this to anyone else EVER AGAIN?

Submitted by There is no justice. (not verified) on Tue, 08/10/2010 - 02:59.

As long as attorneys are making a killing at fighting legal battles, there will always be this messed up system. I spent almost $280,000 fighting legal battles the last 5 years with liars who committed perjury every step of the way (and their attorney even making up lies in court and being quite the actor I might add). Nothing can be done. The police would not even take my complaint to have perjury charges pressed against the other party even with my proof. (My own attorney said Perjury has not been filed against anyone in Washington (or our county) for 50 years). The bar association did not take my complains seriously against the other attorny's actions. The judge hated men and even policemen told me they had been filing charges against her with the Judicial Conduct Committee (whom told me they could NOT remove the Judge as overseer of my case...but I could still complain..(duh, that would make things worse for me if I complained).

It's a flawed system. Until we abolish attorneys it will stay this way.

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