age limits


first off i would like to know what the legal age of consent is and if there is any certin amounts of years apart that it would matter say im 26 and i was maybe looking towards 17 year old and i was just wondering if that would be illegal or if i could get in to any kind of trouble for doing something like that? thanks for your time

The age of consent to have sexual intercourse in Iowa is 16.

This means that you would not be found in violation of the current sexual offense laws as long as the sex was consensual and you are "not" in a position of authority over the minor, an employer, a teacher, counselor, therapist, employed, volunteer, or contracted by the department of corrections, or a person of influence within the dep. The age of consent is 18 under these circumstances.

A 17 year old is a minor under the legal control and care of the parents. The parents have certain legal rights and responsibilies regarding the protection and welfare of their child. They are within their authority to handle any legal matters on the minor's behalf or in protection of the minor welfare.