1st degree rape

New York

how much time can a person get for first time offense of rape in the first degree with no criminal record?

In the state of New York, rape in the first degree is a Class B felony. The minimum sentence could be one year and up to a maximum of 25 years (if it was a violent crime.) Many factors go into determining the sentence in a felony conviction. In most circumstances, sentencing is left up to the judge to determine within statutory guidelines.

If a fine is imposed, it can be up to $5000.00 or double if the defendant gained monetarily from the commission of the crime. The fine increases substantially if sale of a controlled substance is involved.

For details on the laws Please visit New York State Legislature and look up the following laws.

PEN (Penal Code)
Article 130 Sex Offenses 130.35 Rape in the first degree
Article 70 Sentences of Imprisonment
Article 80 Fines