17year old girl and a 24 year old man.


can a 17 year old girl date a 24 year old man?
she has her parents consent.
and she will be 18 on May 22nd.
will they convict him of statutory rape?

Dating is not illegal; in some situations parental consent is required.
The legal age of consent to have sexual intercourse in Texas is 17.

§ 21.11. INDECENCY WITH A CHILD. (a) A person commits an
offense if, with a child younger than 17 years and not the person's
spouse, whether the child is of the same or opposite sex, the person:
(1) engages in sexual contact with the child or causes
the child to engage in sexual contact; or
(2) with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire
of any person:

A 24 year old would not be found in violation of 21.11 if he were involved in a sexual relationship with a 17 year old.

If a 24 year old is involved sexually with an individual under the age of 17, this would be a violation of the law and he could be charged and convicted. This crime may be prosecuted up to 10 years after the 18th birthday of the victim.