17 year old having sex with a 25year old


What can be done if a 17 year old boy is having sex with a 25 year old woman? What rights does a parent have to try and stop this?

It is within your parents rights to file a complaint with police. If they did, the 25 year old may be investigated for possible violation of Wisconsin criminal code under chapter 948 Sex offense laws. If it is found that state laws have been violated, the states prosecutor may press charges.

Depending on the situation and if charges were filed, the class of the offense could range from a misdemeanor, to a class H felony. The latter would be true if the the 17 year old is enrolled in a school or school district where the 25 year old is in an occupation or participates in a volunteer position that requires work or direct interaction with children such as school staff, teacher, aid, school district employee, child care, youth counseling, youth organization, coaching children, parks or playground recreation, or school bus driving.