14 yr old pregnant by 17 yr old-can either be prosecuted?


I know a 14 year old girl who is apparently pregnant by a 17 year old. My question is..Can either of them be prosecuted?...if so, on what charges and what kind of punishment could be involved?

In the State of Indiana, the age of consent is 16. The 17 year old violated the law having sex with a 14 year old who is not capable of "legally" consenting to a sexual act.

The 14 year old would be considered the "victim" in this matter if anything were to come of it. The 17 year old may be charged with a violation and sent to juvenile court. There is no way of knowing what type of punishment, if any, a family court jugde might recommend. Depending on the status of the pregnancy and the options being considered, often, the gravety of the situation becomes clear in educating both minors on custody issues, child support, and parenthood; this may be where the court directs all it's attention. It is difficult to say.

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My boyfriends ex best friend threatened to tell the police that we have had sex. My boyfriend is 16 almost 17 and I'm 14 almost 15. My boyfriend's mother knows and my mother has suspitions but know we are dating. We live in Indiana and have been together for almost a year. The ex friend has no proof but could he get my boyfriend in trouble?

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What is the law if an 18 yr old has sex with a 14 yr old? Does a counselor have to report this if talked about?

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legally a counselor has to tell an officer about this because the 14 year old is not legal age to consent yet, the 18 year old could be charged with rape since the 14 year old is still classified as a child!

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can 2 14 year olds have sex like me and my girlfriend we would use a condom and such

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I know of a former police officer in Jackson co. that has had sex with a 13 yr old and a 12yr old what did they do put him as a jailer taking care of other childmolesters!!!!! James

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My 16 yo son had sex with a 12 yo girl over the summer, one time. We just found out about it when we were called to the police station for him to be questioned. He claims she told him she was 15, I have personally seen her and could not believe she was 12. She does not look like it at all. What is the worse case scenerio for him? He has never been in trouble. This act happened at her home while her mom was not home. I do not know where the father is in the picture. She stated to the police that it was consentual.

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As of July 1st 2007 in Indiana, Sexual activity between a 14 and 17 year old is permitted as long as there is no threatening of deadly force, possession of a deadly weapon, serious bodily injury inflicted, drug given to the victim without the victim's knowledge, and the older person does no have a position of substantial influence over the victim. This law applies for 14 and 15 year olds involved in sexual activity with persons no more than four years older.

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I have a son who just recently graduated High School and has been dating a girl since last school year. She is 15 and will turn 16 next month. Her parents are in a custody battle but both parents know she has been dating him, even enabled them to do so by giving him gas money to hall her and her younger brother around, given them free passes to go out to functions around town and even introduced my son to the family during pic-nics and things.
But as of last night the father confronted us and said he was photographing my sons car at the mothers house to basically get back at her in court, but assures us he has no intention of using this to get my son in trouble. Only to prove his ex as an unfit mother. Which totally shows me what a creep he really is. And then has the nerve to lie to us last night saying my son was their right now as we speak when I know for a fact he was not.
Knowing what I do and knowing that the father has exepted their relationship and spoke to us about it multiple times. If he chooses to use my son to get his way in court with his ex. How do I protect my son?
I know the laws say 16 is the consent age. Which makes me wonder if he has been using my son up till now just to cause problems prior to her 16th Birthday. And then has the nerve to tell us not to mention this to the daughter or the mother.
My son has never been in trouble and is on his way to joining the Army. Although I didn't like this dating situation in the first place and I let them all know this from the start. I can't tell a parent how to raise their children either. My son will only do as much as they will allow him to and up till know it was not an issue with her father. Untill the night before a court hearing.
Help me know what I might be facing here if things don't go the way her father wants them to for him in court. I don't want to see my sons life ruined over a selfish ignorant parent who will do whatever to get what he wants.

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what do you do when you ask the state for help. when your sixteen year old is having sex with a fourteen year old who broke into an empty house to have sex with out her dads consent. at this time my son is a ward of the state and the see no problem with this. what can we do?

now waiting for pregnancy test.

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