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Sexting Teens facing felony charges for misuse of cell phones

It’s a well documented fact that many teens and young adults have found themselves entangled in legal nightmares as a result of cell phones being used to transmit sexually graphic texts or images. If you are a parent of a teen ...

Your Opinion: If a male student under age 18 has consensual sex with a female school teacher, is he the "Victim" of a crime?

Got Teens? Got Problems?

Is your teen’s behavior driving you crazy? Is your teen sexually active? Are you struggling with a teen who’s disrespectful, defiant or obnoxious toward you? Do your kids fight constantly - even to the point of verbal or physical abuse?

Check someone's background using the internet

You’re using the Internet to meet people, so why not use it to find out more about the people you meet? If you know how to use it right, the Internet can yield an abundance of valuable information in minutes. So grab that name and put on your detective hat because you’re going snooping. And don’t worry; it’s legal!

Interview With an Attorney

Selecting an attorney to represent you in any legal matter can be a daunting task, but it is an extremely important one. It's critical to "Get it right the first time" around.